The Best Way to Take Selfies or Portraits of Your Dog

September 8, 2022

Getting pictures of your dog while they’re looking at your camera is damn-near impossible. Taking a picture of your dog really takes the Observer Effect into account, as the act of attempting to capture your dogs cute moment on camera will change the outcome. That’s why this company has made a device that attaches to your smart phone and has a clip to hold onto a dog treat so that your dog will always be looking at the camera during those cute dog moments.

The Flexy Paw is universal clamp that attaches to any smart phone by just slipping it over the top of your device. You can then just attach a treat or toy to the clamp, position it forward or backwards depending on if it’s a selfie shot or not, and start capturing those cute dog moments.

Not only does the Flexy Paw work with sticking dog treats into the clamp, but you can also use toys, or really whatever your dog is into (maybe your favorite shoe) to get them to stare at your smart phone.

With the Flexy Paw, you’ll be able to capture those perfect pet pictures with both of your hands focused on the camera, instead of one hand on your phone, and another trying to wrangle your dog with a treat in your hand.

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