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The Benefits of Choosing the Right Dog Toy

Dogs love to play, and providing them with the right dog toy is important for their health and well-being. There are many different types of dog toys available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular types of dog toys include chew toys, interactive toys, and puzzle toys.

Chew toys are great for dogs who love to chew, as they help satisfy their natural urge to gnaw and can also help keep their teeth clean. Interactive toys are ideal for dogs who love to play and interact with their owners, as they provide a great way for you to bond with your pet. Puzzle toys are perfect for dogs who are easily bored, as they provide mental stimulation and can help prevent destructive behaviors.

When choosing a dog toy, it is important to consider your dog’s size, age, and activity level. Small dogs may prefer softer toys, while larger dogs may need more durable toys to withstand their chewing power. Older dogs may benefit from softer toys that are easier on their teeth and gums, while younger dogs may enjoy toys that are more challenging.

Overall, providing your dog with the right dog toy can help improve their physical and mental health, prevent destructive behaviors, and provide a fun and engaging way for you to bond with your pet.

If you’re looking for the perfect dog toy for your furry friend, be sure to check out our selection of dog toys today!

Pet Toys

Nylabone Power Chew Dog Bone

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A durable chew toy your dog will love chomping away on. Little do they know that the ridges and nubs on the toy remove plaque and tartar and keep their teeth healthy!


Give your dog something good to chew on. Made with tough, durable nylon, our Dura Chew Bone Dog Chew Toy satisfies powerful chewers. It provides long-lasting enjoyment, satisfies the natural urge to chew, and encourages positive chewing habits.

Plus, the bristles raised during chewing promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar. Different dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, even within the same breed, so be sure to choose the correct chew toy size and strength for your dog.

chew dog bone

We’re pet parents, too! Before your dogenjoys any new Nylabone product, you canbet our own furry friends have already triedit…and love it! Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • FUN & OCCUPYING – Multi textured chew toy keeps dogs busy while satisfying their natural urge to chew
  • MADE OF DURABLE NYLON – Long lasting dog chew toy challenges even the most aggressive chewers and discourages destructive chewing
  • PROMOTES DOG DENTAL HEALTH – Ridges and nubs help prevent plaque and tartar buildup as dogs chew
  • MADE IN THE USA – Dog chew toy is proudly made in the United States
  • PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOR THROUGHOUT – Flavored dog chew toy contains delicious peanut butter flavor dogs love
  • FOR EXTRA-LARGE DOGS – Size Souper chew toy created for dogs 50+ pounds
  • CHEW TOY DIMENSIONS: Out of package measures 7.75″ long x 2.25 ” wide x 1″ high

chew toys

Diferent dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, evenwithin the same breed.Usethis Chew-Style Meter to help match your dog’s chewing style to the right Nylabone chew toy.This is one of my dog’s favorite toys. He will just sit with it and chew on it, or even run around with it in his mouth. It holds up nicely. My dog is a pretty normal chewer, however, but the bone is so sturdy I’m sure it would last for a heavy chewer for some good time.

Pet Toys

DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves

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A pet grooming glove with 255 silicone grooming tips that essentially massage your dog as you run the glove over their body to pick up loose hair. Your pup will seriously love how good it feels, making grooming time so much more enjoyable for them and you.

hair removal mitts

Use this DELOMO brush mitt to bathe your pet, clean pet hair easily, give your pet a gentle massage without hurting the skin; suitable for long-haired, short-haired and poodle dogs, cats, horses and other pets, fast, gentle, Effectively detangles hair; shed hair sticks to the glove and can be easily stripped and thrown away.

Product details

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 7.2 x 0.5 inches; 4.76 Ounces
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ delomo002
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ December 24, 2016
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ DELOMO
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01N9KSITZ

Lift away loose hairand dirt efficiently withupgraded 255 gentle silicone tips

  • UPGRADE VERSION: With enhanced 255 silicone grooming tips, mimics the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage; This flexible, slip-on grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt and loose hair from cats and dogs
  • Hair Remover: Perfect for long, short and curly haired dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, grooming the hair quickly, gently and effectively; The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away
  • Bath Brush: Bathe the pets with this glove, which will clean the pet hair easily and give your pets a gentle massage without hurting their skin; Five finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like tail or face
  • Skin-friendly: Free from any materials which could cause skin damage; Soft rubber ensure gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin; One size fits all, it has adjustable wrist strap for a comfortable fit
  • What You Get: 2 blue DELOMO pet gloves (1 left-hand and 1 right-hand; The left-hand glove is customized for left-hander)

Simply peel off the layer of collected fur

How to use the pet grooming Gloves?

  1. Spray a bit of water on the rubber side.
  2. Start grooming your pet in sweeping motions.
  3. Peel off the collected fur on the gloves.
  4. Clean the gloves by hand or washing machine

Delomo was named after two pets. It all began in the summer of 2013 when Matt took a stray kitten home and named her Lomo. Lomo brought Matt a really purr-fect life. Later, they got another partner, an adopted puppy. Matt called him Desko. From then on they three became inseparable friends. They played and napped together. “All pets deserve a safe & loving home”. With this faith in mind, Matt created DELOMO intending to help more fur babies.

Pet Toys

QUMY Dog Boots

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QUMY dog boots

QUMY dog boots are with cute pet paw embroidery, paws side is the outside, soft and hand washable.These dog shoes expands with a wide split seam opening and two adjustable and reflective straps to ensure a tight fit, also make your dog safe at night.Tough anti-slip sole of dog boots provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.The dog boots have a rugged sole and high quality fabrics that are then sewn together to ensure they are ready for your adventure.

waterproof shoes

Easy to put on / off
QUMY dog shoes expands with a wide split seam opening and two adjustable straps makes easy and quick to put on the dog shoes. Tighten the straps as much as possible to make the shoes stay on the paws better.

Hot summer
The high-quality fabric makes these boots protect the dog’s paws from being burned in the hot summer, but soft and breathable to paws.

Rainny day
These dog shoes are made with water resistant material, which can prevent rain from entering the shoes, keep the dog’s paws dry and clean after the rain.

Cold winter
These dog shoes can keep the dog’s paws dry, warm and clean in cold winter, dogs can play as much as they want without frostbite their paws.

paw protectors

Hiking and camping:Long-term hiking can cause serious damage to the dog’s paws, so QUMY dog shoes are essential for hiking, let the dog enjoy the outdoor time while also giving its paws good protection.

Seaside beach:When you take your dog to the beach or desert, these dog shoes can well protect the paws from the gravel and stones, so that the dog can better enjoy the scenery.

Daily walking:These dog shoes are perfect for daily walks, protect the dog’s paws against hurt from stones, asphalt, grass etc. QUMY dog shoes will make your dog fall in love with your daily walk time.

Night walking:These dog shoes have two reflective straps, make your dog visible and safe at night. If you like to take your dog for night walks, it is necessary to consider dog’s safety.

In house:When your dog comes back from outside with shoes on, you don’t need to wipe muddy or sandy paws. And clean shoes are also suitable for indoor use to prevent dogs from scratching carpets or wooden floors.

Hard floor:Tough and anti-slip sole of dog shoes can provides stability and traction, make your dog walk comfortably on the hard floor, can prevent slipping and protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.

Pet Toys

Dash Dog Treat Maker

Dash Dog Treat Maker

Woof woof! These dog treats are the perfect homemade snack for your canine companion! The Dash Dog Treat Maker’s nonstick plates heat evenly to cook fresh treats in minutes, and the nonstick surface is easy to wipe down for simple cleanup. Our Recipe Guide contains easy-to-make dog treats that you can create with unprocessed ingredients already in your home kitchen. Simply preheat, add batter, and cook: you’ll have 8 drool-worthy dog treats in no time!

Paw-Some Treats

With the Dash Dog Treat Maker, it’s quick and easy to whip up homemade treats for your spoiled dog. This gadget works just like a waffle iron—you simply pour in batter, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have eight bone-shaped treats to entice your pup. We love that this treat maker comes with recipes that are easy to make with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, and we’re betting your dog will give the homemade treats two big paws up.

Pet Toys

Eufy Pet Camera for Dogs and Cats

Eufy Pet Camera

Your pet is a part of your family, and every eufy Pet product is designed to create those unforgettable memories with your furry friend. Whether you’re away from home watching the antics or right beside them playing, eufy Pet makes every moment one to remember.


  • 1080p Wide-Angle Lens with 2.5x Zoom Function
  • Clear Night Vision and 2-Way Audio Communication
  • Smart Motion Tracking with 270° Rotation and AI Pet Detection
  • Barking and Activity Alerts
  • Free Advanced AI, Doggy Diary, and 16GB Local Storage

Absolutely Pawsitive No Subscription Fees

The Eufy Pet Camera allows you to see what your pet is up to at any time of the day, streaming 1080p video right to your smartphone, and we love that it has a 170-degree wide-angle view and can rotate up to 270 degrees, letting you see the whole room. The camera is equipped with two-way audio and is able to toss treats to your pet, and unlike many other options, there’s no monthly subscription fee.

Pet Supply

AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Pet Snuffle Mat

Greenwald’s Suzie gets every meal in this snuffle mat. “Not only does it keep her mentally stimulated, but it also prevents her from eating her food too quickly (which she will do otherwise),” Greenwald said. “Both my vet and trainer recommended a snuffle mat, and we’ve had no issues getting Suzie to eat from it.”


AWOOF snuffle mat is very easy to clean and you never worry about the health of your dogs! Our snuffle mat is machine washable and we suggest that you wash it once a week at least.The snuffle mat can be folded into the shape of a bowl and the size is very small, you can take it in your bag for a wonderful journey with your dog!The bottom is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the mat and prevents the dog from moving the mat. Then your dog can enjoy the training treat freely!

Health Supplies

A long-lasting supply of poop bags

Earth Rated

While not the most glamorous purchase you’ll make for your dog, poop bags are a necessity, especially if you don’t have your own yard. Luckily, many retailers offer multi-packs of poop bags, ensuring you’ll have enough to last several months.

Poop Bags

Do your duty by picking up after your furry friend with Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags Refill Bags! These refill bags are extra thick and completely leak proof, ensuring the contents stay inside where they belong. The unscented bags are great for pet parents who are sensitive to scents, while the lavender scented bags are great for pet parents who want to conceal their dog’s business in a fortress of flowery freshness—choose the option that suits your needs! Each extra-long bag measures 9”x13”, providing plenty of room to pick up after pups of all sizes. Simply pop these refills into your Earth Rated dispenser for a paw-fect fit and flawless dispensing.

Health Supplies

Earthbath Pet Shampoo

The Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo is formulated with organic Aloe Vera and colloidal Oatmeal. These ingredients are mild and are excellent for moisturizing dry and itchy skin. The shampoo is organic and is free of ingredients like sulfates, gluten, parabens, synthetic dyes, and phthalates. It also has no fragrance and is pH balanced.

Using this shampoo on your dog will leave it extra clean, plush, and smelling good. It is suitable for dogs over 6 weeks old. Good as this shampoo is for cleansing and moisturizing, it doesn’t wash off applications for fleas.

This product is a non-perishable one. If your dog has dry or itchy skin, trust Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe to combat it. You want to know how effective the product is? You’ll get a refund from the brand if you don’t like their shampoo. This shows how certain they are of the shampoo’s authenticity and effectiveness. You’ll end up buying more instead of demanding a refund.

Pet Supply

There Are Now Camping Trailer Dog Beds, So Your Pooch Can Enjoy The RV Lifestyle

If you enjoy the camper or RV lifestyle, chances are your dog probably does too! There’s nothing quite like life on the road, especially when you have your very own camper. This company creates adorable little camping trailer dog beds. They’re called canine campers (though, we would’ve also been ok with ‘Winnebarko’), and they’re designed after the vintage/retro RC campers that came out in the 50’s/60’s. The camping trailer dog beds are made by Big Creek Mercantile, and come in three different sizes and styles to choose from, and are sure to make your pooch extra cozy when at home or on the road.

The camping trailer dog beds actually come with a bunch of really cool features built-in, including a perch where you can set up a security camera to monitor your dog while in the camper using a re-purposed old smart phone along with the free PRESENCE App. It also features battery powered built-in LED lighting, a dog bone shaped bumper with your dogs name on it, handmade curtains in the windows, and even a framed piece of artwork on the inside of the camper

On the outside of the camping trailer dog bed is a feeding area with 2 elevated bowls for your dogs water and food, and above that is an extended area of the roof to protect the bowls from rain, falling tree debris, and the sun. Plus, it just makes it looks super cute as well. Above the dog bowls on the outside of the camper is also a window looking out over their bowls, along with a little hanging planter to make it look extra homie for your pooch.

Created and sold by Etsy store Big Creek Mercantile, the canine campers are made with wheels on the bottom like a real camper to make it easy to move around, the lights that run along the roof of the camper are controlled by a secret compartment on the back of the camper, and the dog bone shaped sign on the back with your dogs name on it is held in place using magnets.

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