Hills Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food, Perfect Digestion


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  • Supports ultimate digestive well-being and a healthy microbiome
  • Contains ActivBiome+ technology, an exclusive blend of prebiotics, plus whole grain oats and pumpkin
  • Perfect poop in 7 days
  • Premium dog food that promotes regularity and healthy stools
  • High quality salmon is the #1 ingredient

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science diet dog perfect digestion

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What is science-led nutrition?

Nutrition inspired by science — not trends — creates differences you can see, feel and trust. Our food scientists understand the combinations of nutrients and ingredients to help support lifelong health.

How much should I feed my pet?

Most Science Diet foods have a feeding guide on the package to help you determine the proper amount for your pet. It’s critical to your pet’s health that his or her physical condition be monitored regularly and the feeding amount adjusted as needed.

How can I tell if an unopened can or bag of cat or Dog Food is still good?

The datecode on our plastic bags is located on the left gusset, near the 4 or 5-digit SKU number, toward the bottom of the bag. The datecode on our medium and large bags will be located on the top of the bag, generally the front flap.

How should I store my cat or dog’s dry food?

Bags of dry Science Diet, Healthy Advantage and Prescription Diet cat or dog food should be stored in a cool, dry environment under 100°F (38°C).

perfect digestion adult

Adult Perfect Digestion

perfect digestion small bites for small breed dogs

Small Bites

perfect digestion for large breed dogs

Large Breed

perfect digestion senior age 7+

Senior Adult 7+

Key Features 1

ActivBiome+ prebiotic blend

ActivBiome+ prebiotic blend

ActivBiome+ prebiotic blend

ActivBiome+ prebiotic blend
Key Features 2

Nutrition for digestive health

Nutrition for digestive health

Nutrition for digestive health

Nutrition for digestive health
Key Features 3

Prebiotic blend

Prebiotic blend

Prebiotic blend

Prebiotic blend
Available Sizes

3.5, 12, & 22 lb.

3.5 & 12 lb.

12 & 22 lb.

3.5, 12, & 22 lb.
Available Flavors

Chicken, Salmon



#1 Veterinarian Recommended

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    Our Mission

    To help enrich and lengthen the special relationship between people and their pets.

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    Science-Led Nutrition

    Carefully selected ingredients & nutrients deliver differences you can see, feel & trust.

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    Pet Nutrition Center

    Where 900+ dogs & cats dedicate their time to ensuring Hill’s products provide optimal nutrition.

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    Age, Size or Need

    Hill’s Science Diet foods are made for every stage of a healthy pet’s life.

  5. Buddy the dog being walked by Dr. Morris

    Our History

    Guide dog, Buddy, was suffering from kidney failure and Dr. Morris knew nutrition could help.

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Your Hill’s Purchase Helps Support Shelter Pets

The Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program is proud to have helped over 12 million shelter pets and counting find new homes. Since 2002, we’ve supported shelter pets by ensuring they eat precisely balanced nutrition 365 days a year.

Every dog has an entire ecosystem living within them — the gut microbiome, full of billions of desirable and undesirable bacteria unique to your pet. With the right nutrients to help balance their microbiome, you can actually affect not only their digestive health, but their overall well-being. That’s why we developed Science Diet Perfect Digestion dry dog food with our ActivBiome+ Technology ingredient blend of prebiotics, plus whole grain oats and pumpkin. It’s a breakthrough nutrition that supports each dog’s unique gut microbiome for healthy digestion and balanced nutrition that helps your dog feel their best.

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