A dog bed for burrowing

September 19, 2022

Dog Beds

This cozy resting spot is perfect for pups who love to burrow, said Wirecutter pets writer Kaitlyn Wells, whose dog Sutton enjoyed it for over four years. Lined with insulating sherpa fleece, the FurHaven Snuggery bed features a flexible hood, which stands up to create a cave and collapses down into a blanket to envelop your pup. There are several different colors and sizes available—an older dog (or one with back problems) may appreciate the orthopedic-foam version, and in the summer, the cooling gel-infused model might hit the spot for canines who live in warmer climates.


The bed cover features an attached blanket that can be used as is or converted into a tented burrowing cave, with either configuration providing a cozy nestling space for pets to curl up and snuggle in warmth. The interior sleep surface is lined with insulating sherpa fleece, while the hooded blanket exterior features easy-care micro suede; both fabrics are soft-to-touch and serve to suit your pet’s desired form of comfort.

Covered Beds

Furhaven Orthopedic Round Cuddle Nest Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Blanket Burrow Pet Dog Beds are perfect for pets who love to burrow into blankets and other cozy spots! Snuggeries are constructed to let your dog or cat burrow and snuggle into the bed, with the top part of the bed functioning as a soft, shapeable, blanket. The soft hood feature can be used with or without the flexible plastic hoop to best suit your pet’s sleep style and burrow habits.

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